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School Safety

Hello—I’m Sheriff Robert Holland.  I have served our community here at your Sheriff’s Office for the last 27 years… the place I have worked, the community in which I have lived and loved.
I learned early in my career as an Investigator, just how quickly that children can… and sometimes do… fall victim to unthinkable crimes.  It was this realization that prompted me to always keep my priorities in check and to do all I can to protect the most innocent of our community…  the children. As Sheriff, by re-organizing positions and by utilizing grant funding and by partnering with our schools, I have been able to place a School Resource Officer at every public school in our county.  An accomplishment we can be proud of.  An effort not only recognized here but statewide as well.  I am a firm believer in a good education but in order for children to learn and grow, they must first be safe.  These changes are just a few of the many that prove that I have made the safety of all our children one of my top priorities.
Each of our School Resource Officer (SRO) undergoes specialized training and becomes certified in order to deliver the best services & Protection to our students.  This requirement was established within our agency long before legislation was drafted requiring it.  My officers participate in the “Active Shooter Response Training” on a regular basis and engage in lockdown practices at our schools.  My officers partnering with the schools are also involved in the training of school employees as well.  Again… it’s a partnership.  As Sheriff, this shows just how committed I am.
Under my leadership, the MCSO has partnered closely with Macon County Schools to facilitate a variety of prevention programs for students.  Through Reality Check 101, Drunk Driving Awareness, Social Media Safety, DARE, and Prom Promise (to name a few,) my officers and I have a commitment to educating our youth about the dangers of these risky behaviors. We have also partnered with our schools to establish “Student Crime Stoppers”—an avenue for students to anonymously report suspicious or concerning activity.
Because of your children—and because of my own—as your Sheriff, I will continue to do all I can to keep Macon County a safe and great place to raise a family.  The only campaign promise I can guarantee is that you will get the very best of all those who proudly serve by my side here me here at your Sheriff’s Office.  I assure you Our priorities remain “in check”.
Again, I’m Sheriff Robert Holland and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th so we can we can keep YOUR Sheriff’s Office moving… in the RIGHT direction.