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Statements of Support

for Sheriff Robert Holland

I have known and worked with Robby Holland for the past 20 years. During this time, I have gotten to know him pretty well. Sheriff Holland loves the people of Macon County and strives to serve to the best of his ability. Sheriff Holland has a proven track record of qualified competent leadership. Over the years, we have worked well together in combating crimes and fighting the plague of drug distribution that affects our counties as well as all of Western North Carolina.

I count Robby as a friend and I give him my full support in his campaign for another term as Sheriff of Macon County.

Derrick Palmer

Sheriff, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheriff Holland for the past 12 years. I have called on him for assistance and advise on many occasions and he has always been more than willing to help in any way he can. Both Swain County Sheriff’s Office and the Macon County Sheriff’s Office work together often to help combat the drug crimes that affect our communities and this would not be possible without the cooperative efforts of the Sheriff’s to make our counties as safe as possible.

I fully endorse my fellow Sheriff, Robert Holland, for Sheriff of Macon County.

Curtis Cochran

Sheriff, Swain County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Holland,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of my Office and the close working relationship our two agencies share. Our partnership has been successful on numerous occasions to bring suspects of crimes to justice. Your eagerness to offer advice and knowledge from your experience as the Sheriff of Macon County has been helpful in my first term as the Sheriff of Jackson County. I look forward to our continued cooperation and partnership to better serve the citizens of Jackson and Macon Counties.


Chip Hall

Sheriff, Jackson County Sheriff's Office

To whom it may concern,

It is my honor to write this letter of support for the re-election of Macon County Sheriff, Robert Holland.

Over the last 7 years, during my time as the Sheriff of Clay County, I have been given the opportunity to work closely with Sheriff Holland on numerous matters. We have coordinated our offices and worked together on cases that crossed county lines and involved both Macon and Clay. We have built and maintained a great working relationship and by doing so have made both communities safer.

We also have an inmate housing program, in which we house inmates for Macon County, making the retention of prisoners more conformed and cost-effective for both communities.

In conclusion, I believe Sheriff Holland is reliable and experienced and I urge you to re-elect him as your Sheriff in the upcoming November 2018 election.

Sheriff Vic Davis

Vic Davis

Sheriff, Clay County Sheriff's Office

I have had the opportunity to work with Sheriff Holland for many years. He has always been very responsive, helpful and extremely professional. His deputies, detention and administrative staff are a pleasure to work with when there is a need for our agencies to interact. Sheriff Holland has also been a leader within our western North Carolina Sheriffs’ group. Macon County is blessed to have Sheriff Holland leading and guiding their Sheriff’s Office.

Greg Christopher

Sheriff, Haywood County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Holland,

I would like to thank you as a first-term Sheriff for the support and the strong relationships that have been built between our two offices. While some may choose for state lines to be an obstacle, criminals do not recognize lines as such. The teamwork that our two agencies share shows that it doesn’t hinder us either. Whether it is helping me start the Prime ForLife Program in our jail, partnering with you and Sheriff Hall in “Operation JawBreaker,” our offices working together to solve various other crimes, or assisting each other in training, the great bond between these two offices have strengthened our success and ability to better serve our communities. I would like to thank you for your friendship and your dedication and leadership in making your community safer, your neighboring counties safer, and your neighboring counties across the state line safer. I look forward to many more successes as our agencies partnership grows even stronger in the future.


Chad K. Nichols

Sheriff, Rabun County Sheriff's Office

I’m proud to endorse my friend, Sheriff Robby Holland, for his reelection. I have known and worked with Sheriff Holland for years and can honestly say that he is among the best leaders, servants, and friends I’ve had the opportunity to serve with.

When you evaluate public officials, what you look for is a steady leader who understands the needs of his district and prioritizes the voices of constituents above all others. Sheriff Holland truly fits the bill in every way. He is an outstanding leader who works tirelessly for the people of Macon County and knows how to keep their interests first. He’s been an asset to our community and I am confident that he will continue to serve us well make us proud in the coming years. I’m thrilled to give him my full, unqualified support in this upcoming election.

Congressman Mark Meadows

NC's 11th District, U.S. House of Representatives

It’s with great respect and honor that I lend my support to my friend Sheriff Robert Holland of Macon County.

Robby has shown great leadership and integrity while protecting the people of his community. I had the privilege of working with Robby and his office while I served in the US Congress. His communication, vision and the ability to set politics aside were attributes that separated him from others in his profession.

Heath Shuler

Former United States Congressman

I am proud to support Sheriff Robert Holland. The Sheriff has devoted his professional career serving the people of Macon County with the goal of working tirelessly to keep us safe.

Robby is an effective and successful Sheriff who advocates for justice, crime victims and consistently provides strong leadership for his department.

We are fortunate to have Sheriff Holland in office and I urge you to support and vote for Robby in November.

Ashley Hornsby Welch

District Attorney, 30th Prosecutorial District

I have known Sheriff Robby Holland for many years. I have known him as a personal friend and as our Sheriff. Sheriff Holland is passionate about serving the people of Macon County as their chief law-enforcement officer. Robby is not only an excellent Sheriff but is actively involved statewide in law-enforcement and school safety.

Years ago when no one was talking about having deputies at each of our schools, Sheriff Holland started the ball rolling in Macon County and we now have SRO‘s at each and every public school in Macon County! That is far from the case across the state of North Carolina. Sheriff Holland pushed hard for those positions. The result has been improved safety, better education of our children about the role of law-enforcement, and quite frankly a number of very unfortunate circumstances DID NOT happen because we proactively had SROs before it was politically cool to do so.

My hats off to Macon County Sheriff’s Office and to Sheriff Holland for making our schools and our county a safer and better place to live.

Kevin Corbin

Representative District 120, NC House of Representatives

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheriff Robert Holland for over six years on various law enforcement matters. He has been very helpful and offered his assistance on a regular basis. Sheriff Holland has developed and led his department into a highly respected agency throughout Western North Carolina.

Sheriff Holland is engaged with the citizens of Macon County and he has a passion for helping the underprivileged children with ensuring they have a special Christmas each year. He has managed the Shop with a Cop program for over two decades, which has been extremely successful.

His leadership of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office over the past 16 years has been and continues to be outstanding.

David P. Adams

Career Law Enforcement Officer

Sheriff Robby Holland has always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to removing impaired drivers from NC highways. His steadfast dedication to initiatives like “Hands Across the Border”, and the WNC Regional DWI Task Force, demonstrates his easy, flexible willingness to partner with surrounding counties, not only in NC, but in SC, GA, and TN.

His dedication to the those who have been victimized by impaired drivers was poignantly evident on a day, several years ago, when he, and his staff, personally stopped traffic on 441, so that a grief-stricken family could safely lay a wreath.

In 2011, Mothers Against Drunk Driving recognized Sheriff Holland for his visionary approach to preventing DWI tragedies on New Year’s Eve. That program is so unique, and so warmly received, that it became the Number 1 trending topic on Reddit on December 31, 2017. “

Ellen T. Pitt

WNC Regional DWI Task Force, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

It is with great privilege that I am writing this endorsement for Sheriff Robert Holland in his re-election bid for 2018. I have known and worked with Sheriff Holland for over 20 years. Sheriff Holland has always been a family friend and colleague that I along with the citizens of Macon County can depend on.

Since becoming the Chief of Police in Sylva, Sheriff Holland has assisted and supported my department in many ways and continues to do so.

I feel that Sheriff Holland has proven through his years of experience that he has the integrity, morals and family values that it takes to be a leader, therefore it is with great honor that I support Sheriff Robert Holland.

Tammy Hooper

Chief, Sylva Police Department

It is my pleasure to support Sheriff Robert Holland in his re-election bid to serve another term as our Macon County Sheriff. During my 30 plus years in law enforcement, I was fortunate to work with individuals that started their career in the same manner as Sheriff Holland, COMMITTED AND DEDICATED TO SERVE AND BETTER THEIR COMMUNITIES. His beginning with Macon County as a volunteer working with the Explorer Program, K-9 handler, and supervisor in Juvenile/Investigation allowed him to develop programs which today are a solid base for all members of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office to work with. He is DEDICATED 100%, GIVING 100% to every citizen of Macon County to provide the best quality service possible. I believe he is the most qualified candidate for the position and urge you to vote and ELECT ROBERT HOLLAND, MACON COUNTY SHERIFF.

Al Caiata

Deputy Chief, Retired, Cape Coral, Fl

As a retired special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement I am pleased to endorse Robert Holland for reelection as the sheriff of Macon County.

First of all, I am not a personal friend of the sheriff or his family; nor do I have any involvement with the affairs of the Macon Sheriff’s Office. I have one reason for endorsing Sheriff Holland. That reason is to retain the best Sheriff and Sheriff’s Department for all of Macon County. An honest review puts Sheriff Holland “heads and shoulders” above other candidates who would like to make an attempt at being a sheriff.

Let’s be clear, this is not a question of being a Democrat or Republican it’s about retaining the best possible sheriff to serve our community.

Our sheriff is not only an effective chief administrator, and an efficient steward of the budget he is a hands on street-cop that has the respect of his employees and sworn deputies. I have known sheriffs who jealously resisted other agencies coming into “their” county. Not so with Sheriff Holland. The Macon County Sheriff’s office works diligently with other states, local, & federal agencies bringing their resources, money, and expertise here to assist Macon County.

We are most fortunate to have a proactive sheriff, who recognized the need for school resource officers to secure our schools and protect our children. In the past, he volunteered to take money allotted to other law enforcement activities if the Macon County Commissioners could not find the money to pay for additional school resources officers. Presently Sheriff Holland has a school resource officer in every publicly funded school in the county.

Let me please address one other issue that is at the center of attention and emotion within our community. This is the deputy involved shooting that occurred late at night and that has spurred many rumors, versions & even hot tempers. Not having been an eye-witness I have no idea what occurred in those few seconds.

I want to point out, as a case agent; I would read news accounts of an investigation that was being conducted. I hardly recognized that it was the same investigation. This wasn’t necessarily intentional on the media’s part. It was just that the media didn’t have access to the real details and facts.

When this deputy-involved shooting occurred Sheriff Holland immediately contacted the N.C State Bureau of Investigation. This is the proper protocol to request the SBI to take over the investigation and for the Sheriff to remove his agency from all aspects of the investigation.

Until our District Attorney receives, reviews and comes to a finding of the facts we all need to be patient. We will learn what happened and what action may or may not be appropriate.

Joe Uebelher

Joe Uebelher

Retired Special Agent, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Robby Holland has a long history of taking care of our community, handling difficult challenges with a focus on successful outcomes. School safety is currently one of our biggest challenges, and I endorse Robby Holland for Sheriff because he is working hard to ensure that our schools are safe.

Laura Vargas

Parent, Former Educator, and Community Volunteer

I am delighted to endorse Robby Holland in his 2018 reelection bid for Macon County Sheriff. I first became acquainted with Robby’s work as a deputy during my first term as a Macon County Commissioner in 1996. His dedication as a law enforcement officer was apparent from the beginning as he advocated for school resource officers in Macon County schools.

Since becoming sheriff Robby has continued to serve his community admirably, effectively, passionately, and tirelessly. Our community is safer due to the dedication and efforts of Robby and his staff.

I encourage all citizens of Macon County to reelect Robby Holland this November.

Jim Davis

Senator, NC 50th District

As a forty year veteran of law enforcement, I’ve had the opportunity to know and interact with many law enforcement officials across North Carolina. I’ve known Sheriff Holland for his entire career having watched him begin as an intern with Macon County Sheriff’s Office and move through various assignments to include jailer, canine handler, juvenile investigator and his current role as Sheriff. Throughout that career, he has shown skill, initiative, and a desire to serve the public. I’ve personally watched him deal with many difficult and/or potentially dangerous situations. Sheriff Holland does this skillfully and with concerns for the safety and welfare of all involved. These traits speak to his skill as a law enforcement officer, but the office of Sheriff is so much more. He is a good administrator, ensuring that public monies are being used appropriately and his employees and the agency as a whole are serving the county efficiently and effectively. As is true for law enforcement agencies everywhere, Macon County Sheriff’s Office has changed dramatically during Sheriff Holland’s time in office. Constant effort is required to monitor this change and be prepared to deal with new and often challenging issues. Sheriff Holland has shown himself to be more than capable of meeting these new tasks without losing sight of his past.

I have admiration for Robby Holland and his successes as Sheriff, but there is one area where both he and his wife Marcie excel. Their concern and caring for children is legendary. Both have gone above and beyond in their work with and for all children, but especially the disadvantaged or children who are victims of crime. From the Shop with a Cop program to his personal involvement in child abuse investigations, it should be obvious to even the casual observer that Robby Holland is a person of good character who has a driving desire to help others. He is a good person and has made us a good Sheriff.

I endorse and support Robby Holland in his bid for re-election as the Sheriff of Macon County and encourage others to do likewise.

Charles Moody

Special Agent in Charge (Retired), North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

As the director of KIDS Place, a private nonprofit children’s advocacy center that provides services for children, youth and teens who have suffered sexual abuse, physical abuse, severe neglect or exposure to violent trauma, I am so very thankful for the support of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. I’m so appreciative of the fact that the sheriff’s office has a dedicated, well-trained victim’s unit! KIDS Place has always had a wonderful relationship with the sheriff’s office and we look forward to many more years of working collaboratively for the children and youth in our community. Sheriff Robert Holland worked very closely with KIDS Place when he was a juvenile officer many years ago and has served on the KIDS Place board of directors for more than 20 years.

Alisa W. Ashe

Director, KIDS Place

As the Chairman of the Macon County Board of Commissioners, I get to see first hand the ‘ins and outs’ of the Sheriff’s department, and from my perspective, Robby Holland does an outstanding job of leading our County’s law enforcement from not only a community safety perspective but also from a financial standpoint. Robby Holland embodies the qualities that we all would like our Sheriff to possess. He is dependable, he is experienced, he accepts criticism constructively, he is respectful, he is ethical, he is a leader, he has strong communication skills, and most importantly, he will serve Macon County with integrity.

I am happy to endorse Robby Holland to continue as the Sheriff of our home, Macon County.

If anyone ever has any questions about his service to Macon County, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will provide a first-hand testimony of the outstanding job that he does.

Jim Tate

Chairman, Macon County Board of Commissioners

Citizens of Macon County,

It is with great pleasure that I have been asked to write this letter of recommendation for my personal and professional friend, Robert Holland, for re-election to the Office of Sheriff of your great county.

By way of introduction, I retired in 2011 as an Assistant Special Agent In Charge with the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation after a 30-year law enforcement career. Throughout the last 17 years of my law enforcement career, I had the privilege of having Macon County as one of my assigned areas. I have been a lifelong Democrat and raised in Jackson County within a prominent Democrat family.

I have known and worked closely with Sheriff Holland since being transferred from the Charlotte/Monroe area to western N.C. in 1994. I have worked a multitude of serious criminal investigations with Sheriff Holland in his capacities as a Deputy Sheriff, Detective and as Sheriff of Macon County. I have always had the utmost respect for his competence, decision-making skills, determination and ability to effectively work with other law enforcement entities. Sheriff Holland’s integrity is beyond reproach.

Sheriff Holland has always had an exceptional working relationship with the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation. Among the many investigations, that I closely worked side by side with Sheriff Holland during, was the homicide of a newborn on 02/28/00. We were each case officers for our respective agencies during this investigation. I have never had a more competent and capable partner during my law enforcement career. After this case was successfully adjudicated, Sheriff Holland’s persistent lobbying led to the passage of N.C. state law that has and will continue to save unwanted newborn children across our state.

On 04/21/04 the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation was requested by Sheriff Holland to investigate a police-involved shooting of a suspect by two of his deputies. I was assigned to this investigative team. Sheriff Holland encouraged our team to fully and independently investigate this shooting without the least bit of interference or influence from his office. As with all of such cases, the factual report was delivered to the District Attorney for a full review. This particular case was found to have no criminal or policy related violations concerning the involved officers.

Current employees with the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation will be forbidden to publicly recommend and/or endorse any political candidate. I am under no such restrictions after having retired. Sheriff Holland’s office has one of the very best working relationships of any of the 16 western N.C. counties that make up the Western District of the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation. Macon County is beyond fortunate to have had Sheriff Holland as sheriff for the past many years. I would urge all who are reading this to work hard to ensure the reelection of Sheriff Holland.

Marcellus “Mark” Buchanan

Assistant Special Agent In Charge, Retired, N.C. State Bureau of Investigation

It is my honor and privilege to offer my endorsement to Robert L. Holland for Sheriff of Macon County. I have served with Sheriff Holland for around 27 years as both Deputy Sheriff and Sheriff and thanks to his efforts was able to retire from full-time service in 2015. I have watched and been a part of his commitment to making a difference in Macon County. He has made a difference through his efforts to improve our community and the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. He has increased professionalism through education. He has established high training standards by implementing an in-house training coordinator, classroom, and firing range. He has worked tirelessly to improve school safety by making sure each school has a SRO and has worked on a State level for better procedures for school safety. He has been active in the community through numerous programs and provided Christmas for countless children.

Sheriff Holland has always been open and transparent with the citizens of Macon County. He has always championed the needs of children and worked toward a safer Macon County. It will be my great honor and pleasure to cast my vote for Sheriff Robert L. Holland in November.

Major G. A. Shields

Retired Full Time Service

I have worked with Sheriff Holland for the past 5 years as he has been an active member of the Task Force on Safer Schools. He has been a true champion for school safety in Macon County and has made that one of his top priorities. Through his leadership and passion for innovative training, Macon County remains in the forefront of school safety throughout the state of North Carolina and truly understands the importance of providing a violence-free environment and workplace for kids to learn and teachers to work.

Mike Anderson

Community Development and Training Manager, NC Center for Safer Schools

Many people have a tendency to associate leadership with the face of one person, but the truth is, effective leadership is a carefully constructed network of men and women who endeavor to achieve the same goal. Because leadership, especially amongst law enforcement, is not about rank, position or title. It’s about doing what’s right, even when doing right makes you unpopular.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that the greatest of leaders are not the ones who seek to place themselves above others, but rather, recognize that everyone in an organization is in a position to lead. While strength and knowledge are certainly two fundamental aspects of leadership, a leader who holds only himself in high regard, becomes small in the shadow of a man who places the recognition, safety, and well-being of others before his own. Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not a glamorous role, particularly within the field of law enforcement where every decision has the possibility of creating a series of chain reactions that must be addressed. It is not a role to be taken lightly, nor should it be, which makes it that much more imperative to select leaders who do not seek glory for their own achievements, but serve their community with humble determination and pride.

It is through my own personal experience and encounters that I believe, Robert L. Holland, to display all of the aforementioned attributes of being a great leader, and so, it is with no hesitation that I submit my endorsement to his campaign to be reelected as Sheriff of Macon County, 2018.

William (Bill) Harrell

From my perspective, as the wife of Sheriff Robert Holland, I would like to voice my unequivocal support for my husband.

I would like our community to know that Robby has a compassion for people–not just for people that he knows and loves–but a compassion for all people. In his early service as a juvenile officer, his heart for children prompted a fierce determination to bring to justice those who had committed unspeakable crimes against children. Throughout his career, his sincerity has been apparent in how he deals with people–whether the victim, concerned citizen, inmate, or employee–Robby treats people with compassion and respect. Each and every program and initiative that he has developed has been done with a servant’s heart.

I have stood beside Robby as he has given the best of himself to this county for 27 years. And I walk hand-in-hand with him as he continues to serve the community in which we live and love.

Marci Bateman Holland

My wife and I fully support Sheriff Holland. Sheriff Holland is a man of integrity and truly cares about the citizens of Macon County, NC. The first time I met Sheriff Holland, I could tell that he was not a politician, but that he is a public safety leader. Actually, it was the second time that I spoke to Sheriff Holland that I came to that conclusion because the first time that I met him, he simply introduced himself as Robby. My wife and I got a flat tire on the way to supper and the Tracy Lawrence concert at the Performing Arts Center in Franklin, NC. I realized that I did not have a jack in the truck and I was about to call a wrecker service when I man pulled up behind us. He asked if we needed any help and I explained the situation. He introduced himself as Robby and changed the tire for us because “Y’all are dressed up for a date and I would be glad to do it for you”.

He never mentioned that he was the sheriff, changed the tire, wished us well, and went on his way. That just goes to show that he truly wants to help people. I would have never known that the sheriff did that for us if I hadn’t met him at a later date. I am glad to have Robby as the Sheriff of Macon County. Robby is more than a good sheriff, he is a good man.

Robert Mason, PhD CRJS

Doctor, Retired Law Enforcement

I have known Sheriff Robert Holland since 2002 when we were both running for the Office of Sheriff of Macon County. I was the Democratic Candidate who opposed him in the November election. The fact that Sheriff Holland and I have been able to build a friendship in spite of the fact that we were once political opponents signifies his ability to recognize me as a brother first. That means something.

I first began working in law enforcement in 1984 under Sheriff George Moses. At that time, the Macon County Sheriff’s Office had thirteen full-time officers, including the Sheriff. The detention (jail) staff consisted of four full-time employees and they also performed dispatch duties for all emergency services for the county. I also had the privilege of serving under Sheriff Homer Holbrooks as the Sheriff’s Office slowly began to grow. Today, the Sheriff’s Office employs 75 people that vary from full-time sworn officers and full-time detention staff to administrative staff. Further, the emergency communications (dispatch) function is an entirely separate part of county government.

I have had the opportunity to work in other law enforcement environments at various levels of management from the bottom to the top. I have had the opportunity to serve seven years as a municipal Chief of Police and approximately two and a half years as a campus Chief of Police. I know first-hand what is required to be in charge of a law enforcement agency. You must employ a lot of well-intentioned twenty-something-year-old men and women who may not have a lot of seasoning; and as their leader, you are responsible for what happens to them in the line of duty, and for the actions they take while on the job. It may sound simple but balancing the interests and requirements of law enforcement officers with the interests and rights of the citizens they serve is a monumental task. Sheriff Holland has walked that fine line with finesse. Sheriff Holland’s support and trust in his officers are apparent as he motivates them to be responsible and respectful law enforcement officers as well as members of the community. Sheriff Holland’s officers know that their boss has their back, and as a result, their morale is high, as is their effectiveness as officers.

Though I took a few years away from law enforcement after the 2002 election, I had the opportunity to return to it a few years ago and recently was able to retire from a state law enforcement position in January. I began working with and for Sheriff Holland at the beginning of February of this year. Neither of us “owe” the other anything. I would simply like to express my admiration for the man that he is. The most important characteristic I can attribute to Sheriff Robert Holland is that he is a Godly man. Throughout the years, I have observed humility in him as he learned from his mistakes. He has weathered storms with the strong support of faithful people (not just his staff) surrounding him.

A sheriff shouldn’t be elected simply based on popularity. A sheriff should be elected because of his ability to surround himself with competent staff. I have found the staff with which Sheriff Holland has surrounded himself to be top notch. He runs a tight ship, demanding accountability from his officers. He ensures his staff has numerous substantive training opportunities. He and his staff have introduced various innovative programs and initiatives throughout the years. Macon County has not fallen behind under his watch. He is open-minded in implementing new, creative ideas to make the Sheriff’s Office more effective and efficient in serving the public and keeping citizens safe. I have no reservations whatsoever in giving Sheriff Holland my support. He has served Macon County admirably for over 26 years as a law enforcement officer, with 16 of those years as sheriff. That kind of experience can’t be easily replaced.

Tom Pruett, Jr.

Career Law Enforcement Officer

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