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Fighting Drugs

Like us on FacebookLIKE US ON FACEBOOK: Hello—I’m Sheriff Robert Holland and, as many of you, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating effects of drugs on families. We are facing a nation-wide epidemic of drug addiction and the crime associated with it as the prevalence of opiate and opioid abuse rises. It’s not just in our area—all of my fellow Sheriffs are feeling the effects in their counties as well. It is a national crisis and our small mountain community is not immune.

Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Office continues to utilize all the tools available to curtail this problem. I have implemented a 3-pronged approach to fighting drugs:

  1. PREVENTION—educating our youth and our community through awareness programs
  2. INTERVENTION—we’ve established & encouraged substance abuse treatment programs offered within our detention center, such as our Second Chance & Prime for Life as well as facilitating treatment with other organizations.
  3. Maintaining a TOUGH ON CRIME approach— As Sheriff, I created the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit that actively identifies, targets, and dismantles drug trafficking operations through aggressive enforcement methods. YES we build strong cases but the success we have achieved is, in part, due to us recognizing and establishing partnerships with “YOU” the citizens who eagerly provide us tips about criminal activity & drug information in your various communities. You’ve seen large-scale operations for drug arrests in collaborative efforts with our local, state and federal partners such as with Operation Thunder Struck, Operation Ice Storm, and most recently Operation Jaw Breaker just to name a few. Dozens and dozens of arrests of high level traffickers have been made as a result of thorough investigations ending with severe consequences and long prison sentences.

As your Sheriff, you can count on us remaining tough on crime and tough on those who victimize our community. I’m prepared to continue giving my very best, together with those who proudly serve along-side of me at YOUR Sheriff’s Office.

Again… I’m Sheriff Robert Holland and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 6th so that ALL OF US YOUR Sheriff’s Office can continue to work hard for the well-being of ALL our families.

Please Visit us at http://HollandForSheriff.com or on Facebook and learn more about our campaign and how you can help keep your Sheriff’s Office moving in the right direction…

THANK YOU… and as always feel free to come by my office or give me a call. I look forward to seeing you soon.